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  • 专职讲解员导览Guided Tour By a Full-Time Instructor

    我馆提供专职讲解员导览服务,详情请留意当日中心服务台显示屏或展厅口立牌。 Our pavilion provides guided tour services by full-time instructors. For details, please pay attention to the display on the center service desk or the sign at the entrance of the exhibition hall on that day.

  • 志愿者服务Volunteer Service

    我馆每日有志愿者为您免费提供讲解及帮助,详情请留意中心服务台立牌。 Our Museum has volunteers to provide you with free explanations and help every day. For details, please pay attention to the sign at the service desk of the center.

  • 智慧导览Smart Tour

    提供中文智能讲解导览服务,通过语音讲解、视频介绍、手绘故事、动画解析、探索解谜、游戏互动等帮助观众立体了解文物背景、趣味解读历史瑰宝。 Provide Chinese intelligent explanation guide service, through voice explanation, video introduction, hand-painted story, animation analysis, exploration and puzzle solving, game interaction, etc. to help the audience understand the background of cultural relics and interpret historical treasures in a fun way.

  • 咖啡厅Coffee

    Located at the exit of the exhibition hall, supplying famous Chinese tea, coffee, juice, bottled beverages and snacks
    Service Time:10:00-18:00

今日闭馆Today Close

艺术馆全年开放,开放时间按照季节会有所改变,遇到法定假期也会延长或缩短开放时间,请随时注意本网站的公告!如果遇到重大活动或特殊情况,开放时间如有改变,网站将特别发布公告。除法定节假日外,艺术馆全年实行周一全天闭馆的措施。 C3M museum is open all year round. The opening hours will change according to the season. In case of legal holidays, the opening hours will also be extended or shortened. Please pay attention to the announcement on this website at any time! In case of major events or special circumstances, if the opening hours are changed, the website will make a special announcement. Except for legal holidays, the art museum closes all day on Monday all year round.

37路 134路 135路 155路 330路 868路 28路



Exit 1 of metro line 12, enter the mall, take the elevator to the third floor, and walk for about 2 minutes



【Parking Floor】B3-B6
【Entrance and exit】DongDaMing Road、GongPing Road、HaiMen Road
【Parking Fee】
15 yuan per hour, and the upper limit of daily continuous parking fee is 120 yuan; It is charged by hour, and less than 1 hour is counted as 1 hour 。
If the vehicle is parked continuously for more than 24 hours, the excess part shall be recalculated according to the above standards 。

参观须知Visit Introduction




4、退票政策:对应票品请按照具体的使用规则及时间使用,因展览票品的特殊性,时效性,凡售出的门票,一律不退不换不补, 逾期作废,购票时请务必仔细核对,谨慎下单。




8. 请勿外带饮食

9. 观众携带的大件包、袋需寄存;

10. 本展馆若因不可抗力因素(如新冠疫情、自然灾害等)导致活动不能如期举办,馆方将密切关注并严格按照上海市防疫防护措施及时处理跟进与本营相关事宜。本次活动最终解释权归属上海圆元原文化发展有限公司。









1. During trial operation: 11:00-18:00 from Tuesday to Thursday (stop admission at 17:00) and 11:00-21:00 from Friday to Sunday (stop admission at 20:00)
2. Free admission applicable crowd: children under three years old and need to be accompanied by an adult
3. Applicable groups of preferential tickets: students, soldiers, disabled persons, elderly over 65 years old and minors over 1 meter tall, who need to enter the exhibition with relevant valid certificates; Valid student certificates refer to the student certificates of full-time junior college, undergraduate, middle and primary schools studying in ordinary universities and colleges.
4. Refund policy: please use the corresponding tickets according to the specific use rules and time. Due to the particularity and timeliness of exhibition tickets, all sold tickets are not refunded, replaced or supplemented, and invalid after the expiration. Please check carefully and place orders carefully when purchasing tickets.
5. On site flow restriction: in case of excessive concentration of visitors, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and the quality of visitors, the museum has the right to take flow restriction measures and enter the exhibition regularly and quantitatively by batch. Please follow the guidance of staff and consciously queue up to watch the exhibition.
6. Educational institutions: copying, sketching, non cooperative business explanation, etc. are not allowed in the exhibition hall. Please contact the organizer's staff in advance if necessary
7. Instructions on entry taboos: please consciously accept the safety inspection. Photography and photography are allowed in the venue, and auxiliary equipment such as flash lamp, self photographing pole and tripod are prohibited; It is prohibited to conduct commercial video recording without authorization. If commercial video recording is required, please contact the organizer's staff in advance;
8. Do not take food
9. Large bags and bags carried by spectators shall be deposited;

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